Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Victorian Vampire

1) Cameo earrings, $5, Claire's
2) Vampire teeth, $12, Spirit Halloween store
3) Anatomically correct heart necklace, gift
4) Red velvet blazer, $20, Lucky via eBay
5) Black vest, $1.59, Goodwill
6) White tank, $10, Express
7) Black cigarette pants, $10, Express via eBay
8) Knee high leather boots, $60, JCPenney
9) Hat, $10, Spirit Halloween /store

Victorian vampire, at your service.  Most of this I already had in my closet, save for the teeth, hat, and vest.  It's a simple costume, but like every non skanky costume, it's too damn hot for a West Texas Halloween.  Especially that velvet blazer.  If I'm not careful, I'm gonna cook in that thing.
If you noticed that my face is paler than usual, that would be corrupt.  That's the magic of make-up, not grease paint.
That vest was originally a western style vest, with a collar, blue ribbon embellishment, pointed front tails, and buttoned up to the neck. I took a seam ripper to it, and the scissors, and made it into a vest I'd wear outside of Halloween.

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