Monday, October 22, 2012

Rules? What Rules?

I know, not what you wanted to see.  I also know that at least a handful of y'all follow my blog so you DON'T get featured a a fashion disaster like this gentleman.
That said, the beauty of know all the fashion laws is knowing when you can break them with impunity.  If you play it safe all the time, it's pretty boring.  It's kinda like cooking with only salt and pepper and only meals you know.  Eventually, something's gotta give and you crave difference.
Yes, there is a fine line between "damn, I'm hot" and "damn, I'm a hot mess,"  but you gotta walk that line occasionally.  Yes, you will flop and you'll know not to do that again.  More often than not, you'll find a damn awesome outfit or piece of clothing you wouldn't have ever thought to do without the experimentation.
I encourage you to experiment.  Find your own bounds.  Find what you'll never, ever do, and then step past it, just to make sure.  Detest your belly?  I dare you to put on a crop top (in the privacy of your own home) and laugh at yourself.  Always wear long sleeves?  Wear short sleeves, just once.  Always wear loose fitting, flowing clothing?  Go into a store and try on the tightest things (that fit) they have.
Give yourself permission to laugh.  Give your self permission to look at it as though your body were someone else's and say "that's not bad!"  Give yourself permission to change.

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