Friday, October 5, 2012

Oooh, Shiny

1) Sodalite drop earrings, $10, local mall merchant
2) White long sleeve button up blouse, $20, Express
3) Tweedy metallic navy blue cardigan, $15, Express
4) Studded belt, $5, Claire's
5) Jeans, $20, Lucky via eBay
6) Black suede ankle boots, $20, Minnetonka via eBay
7) Blue cameo necklace, $15, local mall merchant

This is a quintessential fall outfit for me: it looks boring but causes a double take.  This sweater is
cozy warm (as in, almost too warm for what passes for fall around here), but looks more polished than you'd think a frayed cardigan ever could. It's also shiny, and I have a minor thing for shiny silvery (just call me a magpie).  I added the belt because it looked a little too frou frou without it.  I'm actually wearing those boots without socks, believe it or not, because, damn, they're almost as comfy as house shoes or my Vibrams.

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