Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Comfortable" Is a Four Letter Word

1) Silk faux wrap shirt, $3.79, Harold's via Goodwill
2) Wide leg jeans, $10, Express via eBay
3) Suede colorblock platform sandals, $35, Gianni Bini via Dillard's

Regular readers will recognize all 3 parts of this outfit:  one from a post in Chicago, one as a pair of jeans I wear a LOT, and one from a dress post.  Some of y'all were probably also wondering when I'd get around to rewearing more than jeans, pants, and shoes.  The reality is that I've been trying to make myself wear more of my wardrobe on a more regular basis and failing miserably.  I tend to reach for the same shirts, jeans, and slacks over and over, because.. well, because I happen to think they look damn good on me, aren't fussy, and are comfortable.  
I know in the fashion biz, "comfortable" is a four letter word.  You can't possibly be comfortable and fashionable, according to them.  I also know I live in the real world, where I hafta walk more than five feet to get somewhere and shit'll sit in my closet if I hafta keep tugging it down, pulling it up, rebuttoning it, or wondering what ungodly fabric combination it is.  So, I do my best to straddle the line.  Newest fashion is 20" hooker heels?  That's nice, I'll wear my old platform shoes.  Latest fad is taffeta (god forbid)?  Silk'll work.  (Another unspoken rule at our house: if it needs to be ironed or handwashed, it doesn't see as much daylight.  If it needs dry cleaning or handwashing AND ironing?  Forget it, it stays on the rack.)  
If I can't work a fashion trend or don't want to fuck with it, I'll ignore the hell out of it.

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