Monday, October 29, 2012

Attack of the Ape Sweater!

1) Blue floral cardigan, $5, Target via Goodwill
2) Navy tee, $5, Old Navy
3) Jeans, $15, Old Navy
4) Ankle moccasins (not shown), (can't remember),  Minnetonka via ebay

I'm generally not big on cropped sweaters.  Back in high school, I called them "ape sweaters," because they reminded me of something a monkey might wear.  I'm still not a fan of the half sweater.  Every once in a blue moon, I find one where the shortness isn't distasteful, like this one.  I'd've loved it even better if it'd been hip length and long sleeved, but I still really like it.
As you can see, my midriff is trying to go into winter hibernation mode.  I'm fighting it, but I'm also aware that this is a native cycle my body's done my whole life.  Put on extra insulation in autumn, shed it come spring.  I will note that while I'm fighting it, I'm also still happy with my normal "winter body."  Vanity is what makes me want to keep my "summer body." 
I want you to be happy with your body as well.  None of this "stupid winter flub" or "I want a bigger booty."  I want you to accept your body as is.  Accepting it doesn't mean denying any changes that you want to make, it means loving it for what it is and what it can do NOW, not 6 months from now.

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