Monday, October 1, 2012

Lazy Pin-Up

1) Marcasite star flower earrings, gift
2) Red scarf, $1, eBay
3) black shirt with white Swiss dots, $20, Express
4) Jeans, $20, Lucky via eBay
5) Red flats, ancient, Converse One Star via Target

This shirt never fails to make me feel good about my body.  Tiny Swiss dots on my tiny frame, a neutral pattern and colors, and a fit that's perfect.  On a crappy day, I reach for this shirt.  I also love these flats.  I'd be happier with a more minimalist sole (these have the standard converse sole), but other than that, they're generally all I need to punch up a neutral outfit to something not quite so waitresstastic.  Well, that and what is rapidly becoming the scarf of the day.
It appears that I rotate between necklaces and scarves from summer to winter.  My necklaces (with a few beloved exceptions) tend to get a little dusty when it's cold or chilly out, and my scarves tend to sit in the closet unworn when it's hot enough to fry an egg on the hood of your car.

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