Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Almost Pajama Pants

1) Cameo amethyst necklace, $20, local fair
2) Red lacy cami (under blouse), $5, Goodwill
3) Pink blouse, $3.59, Express via Goodwill
4) Navy wide leg slacks, $7, Ann Taylor via Goodwill
5) Navy with pink polka dot heels, $20, Payless
6) Hoop earrings, $6, Claire's

This is one of my fall back outfits, for days when I need to look good and be confident that what I'm wearing only amplifies what I have, while not being skanky.  As I had a job fair today (freaking lousy job fair), I wanted to make sure I looked good.
The pants are freakishly comfortable for slacks.  I could damn near wear these things for pajamas, they're so comfy.  But they look good and look professional.  These slacks and my wide leg jeans have convinced that wide leg pants are the best thing on the face of the earth, and to hell with the skinny jean trend!
While these heels are on the high side (3.5" without a platform), they are actually fairly comfortable and easy to walk in.  This is in large part to fitting really well (no rubbing or blistering) and being well balanced, for a stiletto.  My weight is relatively evenly distributed through the points of contact with the ground.  That one thing I've noticed about Payless:  If you get the house brand (Fioni), it's well made, solid construction, easy to wear and CHEAP.

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