Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not People of Walmart

1) Paper/ cotton hat, $13, Dillard's
2) Graphic scarf, $10, Old Navy
3) Grey short sleeve sweater, $5, Maurice's
4) Brahmin red hobo purse, $180 (not a typo), Dillard's
5) Denim capris, $5, eBay
6) Grey rock star boots, $60, Kenneth Cole Reaction

What do others wear to Walmart? On a good day, pajamas.  On a bad day, they end up here. What do I wear to Walmart?  See above.  I needed comfortable, and I refuse to wear pajamas in public unless I'm THAT sick.
I realize that's a freakishly expensive purse.  It was birthday gift to myself a couple years ago.  I wear that purse pretty much EVERY day, because I'm too lazy to change purses for every outfit.  It's true leather and seems Jen proof, which is no small feat.  With all that, I'm willing to accept the price, given that it is a very sturdy purse that goes with everything I wear.
Also, I bought the capris with pretty much the express purpose of being tucked into boots without effort.  Tuck the capris into knee high socks, and no fighting with jeans and ankles!

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