Monday, October 15, 2012

Red Angel

1) Mother of pearl wing earrings, $5, Claire's
2) Red silk blouse, $4, Banana Republic via Goodwill
3) Jeans, $20, Lucky via eBay
4) red satin flats, Target

I actually really love this shirt.  I know I don't wear it very often, but that's because it sits in the pile of clothes to be handwashed half the time.
That's unfortunately one of the pitfalls of wearing natural fabrics, is that they all seem to want special attention and care (except my beloved jersey fabrics.)  I tend to do more handwashing in the winter because most of my sweaters are wool or cashmere, and therefore can't take the abuse of the washer without shrinking to barbiedoll sized.  I may be tiny, but I'm not THAT tiny, y'all. 

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