Friday, October 12, 2012

Interview Clothing Tips

1) Sodalite earrings, $20, local Scottish- Irish fair
2) Silver heart necklace, gift
3) White chiffon bust tank, $10, Express
4) Teal button up, $20, New York &Company
5) Black blazer, $55, Tahari via Dillard's
6) Black slacks, $40, New York and Company
7) Knee high stacked heel leather boots, $60, JCPenney
8) Leather belt, $20, JCPenney?
9) Fauxligator business tote, $30, Target

An interview for a job is all about putting your best foot forward. Out here, land of the formal jeans, a suit is nearly unheard of, let alone worn.  Most people only own the suit for formal business meetings and to pull apart.  I tend to wear mine as a suit more often than not, mostly because I get cold really easily and tend to keep a black blazer handy for that.
At any rate, for an interview, even if it's not one you where hafta wear a suit, is about looking good and sounding like you already have the job.  Jeans are out.  I don't care if they're your formal jeans, don't wear 'em to the interview.  Low cut, skin tight, or revealing are all kinds of out, unless you're applying for a job with the local gentleman's club.  Polish those shoes.  Iron EVERYTHING  (ok, maybe not the bra and underwear. Understated jewelry, if you wear it: leave the huge, intricate bib necklace at home.  Cover that decolletage, all of it. Make sure your suit isn't still vent stitched.  While most website advocate white, a colored (as in, one solid, contrasting but not neon, color, leave the paisley at home) will stick in their memory.  If it has belt loops, wear a good, simple leather belt, whether you need it or not.  Run a lint roller over it.  Do that twice.  While a black suit is good, any dark colored, matching suit will work  (well, maybe not brown.)

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