Friday, October 19, 2012

Blue Suede Shoes

1) Tortoiseshell sunglasses I forgot to actually put on my eyes, $20, HEB
2) Turquoise and silver bird necklace, $10, consignment shop
3) Blue polka dot tee, $3.49, Goodwill
4) White miniskirt, $2.99, GAP via Goodwill
5) "Wood" and blue suede peep toes, $25, Steve Madden via eBay
6) Beaded bracelet, $0.50, Claire's
The ground was actually still really soft in this picture, which is unusual for my part of Texas.  Usually, the ground is like bedrock with a small layer of sand to cover it.  I was trying to find a 3 point stance so the ground wouldn't sink beneath me and swallow me whole.
Yes, I actually own a mini skirt, emphasis on "a."  I'm usually really active and don't give much thought to ladylike posturing, so I've hesitated for a long time in buying a mini, figuring the world really didn't need to see my underwear more than it did when I was a small child.  I bought this one because it as a cheap experiment.  I can safely say I really won't wear this where there's a chance I'll want/ need to sit on a floor, play with a kid, or climb a tree. (All three of those happen in my life more than you would think.)  For going out to dinner and such, it's fine.  I can bend over without scaring werewolves, so we're good.  It's actually not as high as it looks, I was taking a step, so that's it's height when it rides up.
I bought these shoes as my first pair of "navy without polka dots" shoes. They're definitely in line with the mini, as walking much in them really isn't an option. I may eventually give them away, as I don't care for shoes that start to pinch and rub after a while.

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