Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bodylove and a New Turn

This one's geared to you. Yes, you.  The person sitting in front of the computer screen reading these words. You.  You see, I've been watching you. (No, not that way, I'm not a damned world stalker.) Whenever I crawl up on my high and mighty horse about loving yourself and your body, you mentally sigh and click away, because it's obviously not a true fashion post and you love your body just fine, thankyouverymuch. No, don't you click away now.  Stay with me.
I originally started this blog as a true fashion blog on how to be cheap and look good.  That's still the main focus, even if I can never give you exact links to what I'm wearing because it's not of this season (or decade, for that matter, sometimes.)  Listening to a few friends rant got me thinking.  You see fashion blogs all over the damn place about fixing things and making Trend o' the Moment work on your body. (Or, to be fair to the ones that royally piss me off, how to make your body work for the clothes.)  There are more bodylove blogs cropping up, but most are tumblrs.  I had yet to see anyone write about loving your body and showing it off each season without looking like a skankyho.
That's where this blog is headed.  I intend for it to be a meld of bodylove, selflove, and fashion, eventually.  Don't fret, you'll still get your (mostly) daily updates of me posing in front of the camera ("aren't you DONE yet, timer?")  You'll still get your seasonal updates on what hot, fresh, and new.  But there will also be injection of loving yourself first and not trying to mold yourself to whatever the latest schtick for clothes hangers or pregnant women or heavy armed or wasp waisted women is. 
There is a way to love yourself and love fashion at the same time, much the same as a good relationship requires at least a bit of self love.  Everyone has a way of doing it differently.  Everyone has that one fallback piece that makes 'em look awesome on a day they don't particularly love their body.  It takes baby steps. Very few women can look in the mirror bucknaked on day 1 and go "Hot DAMN, I'm looking fucking awesome!"  (If you can, congratulations!)
Each day, there will likely be two posts (or more) from here on out.  One of me clowning for the camera, one of me proselytizing about loving yourself or showing you how to do it or some other bodylove post.  I want you to love YOU, not you 20 lb from now, not you 40 lb ago, not you 6 months from now.  You and your body TODAY.  If you're having a bad day and just not feeling the body love, don't fret, everyone gets 'em.  Just let those be the minority, and let you loving you and your body for its awesomeness be the standard position.

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  1. Excellent post. I've been keeping on eye on some wedding blogs and there are occasional articles about loving yourself NOW and not worrying about "losing weight for the wedding". I really love the idea of loving yourself right now, the way you are, and that you are not unfinished. Not quite there yet in my head, but working on it.