Friday, November 2, 2012

Stormy Colors

1) Grey tee, $7, Old Navy
2) Grey cami, gift
3) Jeans, $15, Old Navy
4) Purple moccasins, gift  (I have no idea where he found the purple ones)
5) Hamsa hand necklace, $4, Claire's
6) Amethyst earrings, $20, local fair
I received these shoes as a gift from my father in law several years ago.  He meant them as homemade house shoes, and they had insoles in them.  I removed the insoles and threw them in the back of my closet, as I don't normally wear house shoes (or shoes, when given the option.)  I found them a couple months ago and decided they'd be great barefoot shoes.  They are.  I love these things.  I may eventually go through with some purple suede lacing and replace the shoelaces, but they're great as is.
You may have noticed I tend to wear camis underneath the shirt I'm wearing most of the time.  This is usually more for modesty's sake than anything else.  I have a rather large chest for my frame, and shirts tend to show more cleavage than I want.  I correct that with a lacy tank that covers the cleavage without outright destroying the view, so to speak.  There are also a couple tees I own that are a little sheer for my tastes (read: you can see some skin tone behind the thin shirt.)  Again, I use  camis to correct for that.

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