Monday, November 12, 2012

The Tree Speaks


1) Sodalite earrings, $20, local fair
2) Dot scarf, $5, Old Navy
3) Green lace cami, $3, Charlotte Russe
4) Green cashmere sweater, $10, eBay
5) Tan pants, $5, Harold's via Goodwill
6) Knee high black leather boots, $60, JCPenny

Yes, the Texan is actually wearing a sweater.  Yes, it's 50 someodd degrees out there.  In my defense, it was in the 30s this morning, which is frigid here.  
Can you tell I was born and raised here?  I spent a winter in Pennsylvania as a kidlet, and at the tender age of 3 or 4, I decided that there was no way in hell I'd live somewhere winter tries to kill you when you breathe. I have kept that promise to this day. Winter tried to kill me at my college graduation, too, come to think of it.  I think I pissed it off by swearing to stay out of it's reach.
These pants look and feel kinda like khakis and pinstripe slacks had a bastard love child, complete with the beyond faint, bordering on nonexistent, darker tan pinstripe.  They're relatively comfortable (more so in the summer), but look just professional enough I can get away with them during the week.
I warned you that I wear these boots a lot in the autumn and winter.  They are my flip flop equivalent in winter: sock on, stuff foot in boot, zip, and run out the door.  No wrestling with laces, tucking in pant legs, or any of that mess.
(By the way, Doc Marten 60 eyes are apparently sized in guy sizes.  I found out the hard way and now own a pair of 3 year old knee high Docs that are too big.  Great in the winter with thick socks, not so much any time else.)
As to the title, I have a very difficult time wearing brown on bottom and green on top without feeling like I dressed up as the lame version of a tree.

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