Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Outfit for the Cost of a Shirt

1) Gold amethyst earrings, gift
2) Costume jewelry pendant, $5, consignment store
3) Red silk blouse, $4, Banana Republic via Goodwill
4) Floral cardigan, $15, Express
5) Navy wide leg pants, $10, Ann Taylor via Goodwill
6) Purple platform pumps, $6, Bamboo via Shasa

I still love those damn pants.  I really need to take in the waist before they fall off at the office, but they're fucking awesome.
This outfit is further proof of why, for the most part, I refuse to pay full price for my clothing.  Full price, this outfit could have easily run $275, excluding the earrings.  I got it for all for $40, because I'm willing to wear other people's giveaways.  I see no shame in recycling clothing.  I wore thrifted clothes almost exclusively as a kid and, while they weren't the popular brand o the week, they weren't obviously preworn either.

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