Friday, November 9, 2012

Purple Majesty

 1) Celtic knot amethyst earrings, $20, local fair
2) Scarf, $0.50, Goodwill
3) Purple button up, $20, Express
4) Pin stripe trousers, $30, Express
5) Purple ballet flats, $5, Charlotte Russe

Yes, I know.  "It's Friday, why aren't you casual?!" 
Because I'm new and I love this job.  I'd really rather not fuck it up 3 days in by wearing the wrong clothes.  I generally try to play it safe and dress more formally until I know the office dress better than "business casual."  In today's climate, that could mean anything from a golf polo and good jeans to pants and a button up to a suit with a good tee.  I strike the middle ground and go with business slacks and a less casual tee.

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