Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yipes, Stripes

1) Red star hoop earring, Claire's, $0.50
2) Tree of Life pendant, Claire's, $1
3) White cami, Charlotte Russe, $5
4) Striped t-shirt, GAP outlet, $4
5) Red silk scarf (worn as belt), eBay, $0.33 (part of a lot of scarves)
6) Black pencil skirt, Express, $60
7) Boots with spikes on the back, Steve Madden via Ross, $26
8) Hair elastic doubling as a bracelet, Goody via Walgreens, $0.05

(Geek shot this at a bad angle, but we were in a hurry. Excuse the apparent extra width on me.)
I don't know what I love about the outfit more: the rockabilly look, the boots, or how farking professional I look even when being rocker girl next door.  I've had this skirt pretty much since I started doing interviews in college and I needed a GOOD interview/ suit skirt.  A high waisted pencil skirt is one of my best friends, because it can do so many things and pull together so many looks and make them look pretty damn polished, even when you rolled out of bed, threw it on with a t-shirt and boots, raked a brush through your hair, and ran out the door.  (Nooo, of COURSE that's not what I did here. /sarcasm)

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