Friday, September 14, 2012

The Cheapass Went to a Real Store?!

1) Blue sodalite ball earrings, gift
2) Pink scarf, $0.50, eBay
3) White sequin bust tank, gift, American Eagle
4) Navy sunburst cardigan, $11.48, Target
5) Jeans, Old Navy, $15
6) Ruched silver ballet flats, $7, thrift store
  (By the way, if you love that sweater, I'd suggest hieing your hide to Target ASAP.  I got it off the clearance rack last night, and there aren't anymore online.)
Went shopping last night, for a few things, and found 2 of them: a winter peacoat with a detachable hood (my heavy winter coat is faux fur lined leather) and a navy print cardigan (well, I went in for a navy cardigan but was more than willing to accept this as a substitute.)  Part of the fun/ headache of being a cheapass is riffling through the clearance section and hoping they have your size or your taste.  Even if there's nothing there you'd wear, you still get some pretty good laughs at what's there  (a mullet crop top in size 3X.  Wonder why that's still there....)  For me, shopping at a good shop is relaxing, even if I don't walk out the door with a damn thing, because of all the people watching and laughing at the hideous stuff they want people to buy  (For the record, I want to know who bought the rest of the Yeti furred, sequined, traffic cone orange, peep toe boots.  There was only one pair left.)

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  1. You are right about clearance-shopping still being fun. I am overdue for an Old Navy trip. I know they have Halloween-y stuff (thought it won't be on sale yet) and I cannot resist something seasonal in the Fall!