Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Style of My Own

1) Silver hoop earrings, $1, Claire's
2) Enameled "silver" necklace, $2, Kohl's
3) Turquoise cami, $3, Charlotte Russe
4) White wrap blouse, $12.50, Banana Republic Outlet
5) Navy wide leg slacks, $7, Ann Taylor via Goodwill
6) Basket weave wedges, $20, Christian Siriano for Payless

Wow, that's a crappier photo than I thought it was.  Sorry about that, folks.  Now I know better for tomorrow.
I'm back up and running full speed ahead.  (Well, maybe not running in these wedges, but you get the idea.)  Labor Day's over, I'm not sick anymore- thanks to Nyquil, sleep, and my Neti pot.
This outfit sums up what appears to be my "Style of my own:"  Old Hollywood with a twist of Rock and Roll.  Take something classic, fitted, and ageless and apply a little (or a lot) spike, stud, leather, etc.  I've wondered for a while what my "Style of my own" was: I'm too clean cut for most styles and  not polished enough for others.  I'm too lazy for 3 pounds of make up and don't give enough of a damn to always be on top of the trends (which I guess makes being Cheapass easier.)  I like my rocker chic, but I'll be fucked if I'm putting it all in one outfit.  I like the classical Old Hollywood, but it's boring on it's own.
When it comes to cheapass shopping, I encourage you to figure out what your "Style of my own" is.  Look at your favorite outfits, make up, hair styles, etc. and figure out what drives them.  Then, when on eBay, at the thrift store, at the clearance rack, at wherever your local inexpensive but not crappy clothing is, keep a mental (or physical or digital) checklist of what you keep reaching for, of what's missing, and of what you have entirely too many (I keep having to remind myself that I don't need another black shirt or black pair of pants.)  Be on the lookout for those things that make your jaw drop and make your brain go "NEED. NOW."  If you find one of those, and it doesn't break the bank, buy it.  You'll kick yourself if you don't.

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