Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Heavy Dose of Fukitol

1) "Silver" feather earrings, $1, Claire's
2) Leopard print scarf, $0.33, eBay, lot of scarves
3) Suede blazer, $7, local consignment shop
4) Pink 3/4 sleeve sweater, $10?, Ann Taylor via eBay
5) Jeans, $20, Old Navy
6) Ribbon flats, $17?, Target

Simple does it best, right?  Especially on a day when your giveafuck is through the floor and your fukitol is through the roof.  Grab a top, grab pants, grab shoes and a jacket that go with everything you own, and throw on a scarf.  Problem solved, leave before your desire to go back to bed overwhelms you.

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