Monday, September 10, 2012

Hanging Around

1) Silver Celtic knot amethyst earrings, $20, local faire
2) Beaded necklace, ancient gift
3) Tribal print tank, $4, Walmart
4) Gray henley, $7, Old Navy
5) Wide leg jeans, Express via eBay
6) (unshown) Silver cuff  bracelet, $15, local trading days
7) red satin flats, $10?, Converse via Target

Yes, I do actually work out here, both weights and body exercise.  How else do you think I gained the right to bitch about having broad shoulders and having to tailor all my button up shirts?  To answer your next question, yes, I am actually hanging there, not cheating by having an object I'm resting on.
Odd pose aside, I do like this outfit.

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