Friday, September 28, 2012

How's It Feel: Winter/ Fall 2012

One of my joys in winter is the feel of soft, cozy, furry, and leather clothes I can't wear when it's hot out. Sure, I COULD wear that cashmere sweater to work in July, when it's 105*F before heat index, but I like a life without heat stroke.  Winter fabrics just feel more fluffy bunny friendly.  It appears fashion designers have heard my plea for a winter of things that are interesting to touch.
Shiny is having a major moment this winter.  Patent leather, rubber, and metallics are all being touted as THE way to spice up your wardrobe. If you're in the market for patent leather shoes or a polyurethane coat, now's this time shop. Verdict:  In small doses, this trend is fine.  Anything more will mark you very quickly as a fashion victim.
Denim and chambray are also making a major comeback.  To truly do this trend justice, several designers are calling for a Texas tuxedo (matching jeans and jean jacket) worn with a chambray or denim shirt and denim cowboy boots.  I see that all the time here, and these people don't even know it's trendy.  Verdict:  One piece at a time, people.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the Texas Tuxedo, and I have been known to wear it, but at least make sure the pants and jacket are different shades of blue.  Leave the denim shoes on the shelf, those have all the hallmarks of bad taste, generally.  Chambray, worn with something other than jeans, can look very nice, but beware this'll probably be a one season thing.
Fur, leather, suede, and shearling are big, too, this year.  Then again, fur and shearling have been big for the past several winters and leather and suede new went out of fashion.  They're comfy, cozy, warm, and generally very winter friendly.  There's also faux versions of all of these, for those that can't afford the real thing. Verdict: For fur and shearling, I'd say stick with trims, linings and touches.  Otherwise you run the risk of looking like a yeti or an old society dame.  With either fur or shearling, it's really not worth it to pay for the real deal.  A leather coat or jacket is a great investment piece.  Buy it in a classic cut and wear it for years to come.  Get the real thing or an extremely high quality rip off, though.  Cheap pleather is not your friend.  Suede is hit or miss.  Stick with the natural colors; bright blue suede just looks cheesy.   I'd almost recommend a good fake over the real deal for suede, simply because it's not as delicate and doesn't throw a temper tantrum if you get it wet.
In the same vein, fluffy fabrics are back in.  Giant cozy sweater, fuzzy tunics, alpaca scarves, and fleecy goodness. Verdict:  Go form fitting in these, if you get the fluffy bunny fabrics, or risk looking like your clothes are trying to eat you alive.  Or you raided gramma's closet in a bad way.  Either way, no bueno.

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  1. "at least make sure the pants and jacket are different shades of blue."

    Good to know I've been right all these years!