Monday, September 17, 2012

Hulking Out

1) Black flower feather hair clip, $1, Claire's
2) Celtic knot silver and amethyst earring, gift, local fair
3) Rune necklace, gift
4) Purple cami, $5, A'Gaci Too
5) Purple/ lavender/ black kimono sleeve sweater, $7, Charlotte Russe
6) Black khakis, $10?, GAP via eBay
7) Purplish gray peeptoe kitten heels, $17, Ross

I love an outfit like this: decorative top, complementary cami, and simple everything else.  The less I hafta think the better, especially on Mondays. 
By the way, I love kimono sleeve tops.  Those of us with broad shoulders, muscular upper arms, and thin waists are always so damn grateful when we can find a top that flatters all three without being afraid of Hulking out a shirt.  (Yes, I went there.  Yes, I was a geek before it was cool.)  With my build, it's usually entirely too easy to rip a seam/ bust a sleeve button/ or rip a sleeve partway off just by trying to move around in it.  They just don't build shirts for women with athletic frames AND a waist AND hips unless there's something bizarrely trendy about the shirt or you're willing to pay an arm and 3 legs for it (I'm not.)  Hence my love affair with sweaters, long sleeve blouses, and knits.  It's rarer than hen's teeth for anything else to fit.

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