Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rock Chick Blues and Layout Changes

1) "Turquoise" and silver earrings, gift,
2) Cornflower blue pendant, $6, Kohl's
3) Blue cardigan, $11, Express
4) Graphic abstract tee (under cardigan), $5, Target via Goodwill
5) Silky polka dot print belt, $0.50, Goodwill
6) Jeans, $20, Old Navy
7) 60 eye Doc Martens, $180, Zappos

You may've noticed that my format has changed, both in terms of layout and clothing lists.  In both cases, this is a way to make things easier on my readers. 
The layout seems much more readable and allows for a better display, as well as allowing readers to quickly scroll through if they're hunting for one outfit in particular.  Please notify me of any glitches or sizing/ legibility/ loading issues so I can fix them (if I can.)
The new links in the clothing lists are links to similar (in certain cases, the exact) items to what is listed.  Since most of what I wear is from the thrift store or clearance rack, it would be very difficult to downright impossible to find the exact item, hence the similar items.  There will be cases where I can't find anything like an item on the current market, like the belt above.  If that is the case, I'll leave it unlinked.  I'm also partially relying on y'all to let me know when these links go dead or to a bad redirect, so I can either remove the link or update it.
You may also have noticed that there's an extra zero on the price of my boots.  That's not a typo, I actually paid full price for these.  I bought them to wear at my wedding reception and have been wearing them out ever since.  For ladies looking to buy a pair, be forewarned: the 60 eyes are sized in men's sizes, not women's.
The sweater actually came with these god awful, gaudy rhinestone buttons that refused to stay buttoned.  After arguing with them through 3 or for wearings, I decided to fix that.  I took some el cheapo white buttons and colored them with nail polish.  It actually worked, and I sewed on the resulting blue buttons after cutting off the useless buttons.

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