Friday, September 7, 2012

Barefoot Freak goes to the Office

1) "silver" heart earrings, $0.18, Claire's
2) blue/ white polka dot t shirt (under button up), $3.79, Goodwill
3) turquoise button-up, $20 (ancient), New York and Co
4) Lucky Jeans
5) Vibram Five Finger KSOs, $25, eBay
6) Making its first appearance: my dragon ring
7) As a bonus, you can see my safety glasses perched atop my head.

I swear, my office isn't green.  It's mostly greyish blue.   (I really am that fishbelly white, though.) Yes, I took this at the office, doing my damnedest to crop out any references to the company name or insignia (harder than you'd think.)  That's why this is late today, as I completely forgot to turn my alarm on last night and overslept.
If you can see that splotch of (well, grey in this photo) down on the floor by the printer that doesn't work, that's purse I carry damn near every day.  It's a Brahmin hobo bag in a byzantium color (too bright and red to be eggplant, but close.)  That's the one I paid an arm and 3 legs for on clearance.  I carry it all the damn time, so it's cost per wear in pretty close to $0.50 now.

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