Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Color Me Trendy: Fall/ Winter 2012

If you're here, you're at least vaguely aware of what passes for a trend each season, if only for laughing material. Some of y'all, I know are die hard fashion fiends; others really don't care so long as it's clean and not falling off.  For my fashion fiends trying to meet a budget, this is the first in a seasonal series of what's on trend and worth buying.  I'll run through the colors, cuts, and trends that seem to be most prevalent and see which ones hold water. If you don't agree with what I have to say about a trend, do what's right for you. I'm not the fashion goddess.
As per usual, darker colors are in and lighter/ pastels are out, as decreed by the fashion gods.  It appears that the two big colors are wine and gold. 
Wine, burgundy, dark red, whatever you call it, can come in  a shade to fit almost any complexion. Almost.  Those with very fair skin, red hair, or that are prone to sunburning may have trouble finding a wine color that works.  If you can't find one, don't worry about it.  Carry a glass of red, you'll be fine.  (Unless you're in public.  Then the cops might have something to say.)  This color red is neutral enough that even if the hot color is something different in 3 weeks, you won't stand out like a sore thumb for wearing it.  Verdict:  If you can find a shade that looks good on you and the article itself looks good on you and is well made, go for it.
Gold also appears to be another color of the moment. Not just golden accessories, either.  I've seen hints that 1980s gold lame' may make a comeback. I'm one of those people that firmly believes some people look good in gold, some people don't. I look better in silver.  If you feel/ look better in silver, feel free to ignore this.  If gold is your thing, I'd say stock up, since it's popular and gold jewelry rarely goes out of style.  That said, I'm referring to jewelry here.  Anything in gold lame' should get an automatic veto.  Do you really wanna look like Peggy Bundy? (You do?  Well, this is your season.)  Be careful with golden accents.  Golden pinstripes or hints are one thing, a shirt that half metallic gold fiber is quite another.  You want the gold as an accent, not the showpiece, or you run the risk of fashion victim.  Verdict: Tread this line carefully.  If you're unsure, put it back.  The gold metallic trend is likely to be a flash in the pan for the winter, and even if its not, you still run the risk of looking like an 80's reject.
It looks like the fashion gods have decreed black and white/ black and navy to be the OMGFASHYUN color combos this winter.  Again.  Each winter, they declare black and white as the fashion palette, with a side of black and another neutral.  I know some of y'all out there are screaming in rage because you can't wear white (doesn't look good, guaranteed spills), or can't wear black (white pet, doesn't look good.)  If you can't pull off the stark summer whites due to it washing you out, try the softer winter whites or a creamier color.  If black washes you out worse than a spotlight, try navy or another very dark color.  If it still doesn't work, meh, no worries, it's only clothing trends; wear what you want.  Black and navy has always struck me as being very hard to pull off. One misstep and it looks like you got dressed in the dark.  I'm sure the trendy folk are yelling at me about how it's supposed to look that way, but I live in the real world.  I'd say unless you can easily differentiate between the black and navy in low light, don't mix 'em.  It's just too easy to go into fashion victim territory with that.  Verdict: If they look good on you, black and white are a safe color mix, it comes around as a trend every year.  You'll get plenty of wear out of it.  Black and navy has been a trend for the past several winter so, if you can pull it off, this look is likely here to stay for a while as well.  Go for both.

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  1. I guess I have winter tones, though I love "earthy" tones in clothes. I am also a silver person, gold just looks awful on my pink-ish skin. I have trouble with oranges and reds for that same reason. Navy blue is better for me than black, I think, but they both go so well with so many different things :)