Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Tried, Dammit

1) Painted "silver" and wood bead earrings, $1, Kohl's
2) Enamel and "silver" pendant, $3, Kohl's
3) blue/white polka dot tee, $3.79, Goodwill
4) Black khakis, $8?, Ann Taylor Loft via Goodwill
5) Turquoise and "wood" heeled sandals, ancient, Payless

As you can see, while I prefer the real material, I'll take the cheaper version in my accessories, for the right price.  This is also one of my more casual days at work, with khakis, a not quite plain tee, and accessories.Thought did go into the outfit, but only enough to pull it from "rolled out of bed" to "I tried, dammit."

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