Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blazing a Path

1) Wooden bead necklace, $2, Consignment store
2) Mint corduroy blazer, $4, Thrift store
3) Polyester patterned top, $3.79, Goodwill
4) Jeans, $15, Old Navy
5) Silver laser cut flats, $6, thrift store

When I first put this out fit on, I was unsure about the blazer, because it is shorter than the shirt.  I decided I like the outfit anyways.  The rest of this outfit was pulled together after a marathon gaming session last night (0100 is NOT the time to end a good game if you want to be functional the next day.)  When I need to pull together a work outfit in 3 nanoseconds, I love the fact that my closet is built to be idiot proof.  Almost everything goes with almost everything else.  The toppers and accessories take more effort (and sometimes just don't happen,) but the bare basics almost all go together. I'm just too lazy and cheap to buy articles of clothing that don't work with what I already have.

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