Monday, August 20, 2012

Your Texan's Showing

1) black and grey floral tank, $4, Walmart
2) grey cotton short sleeve sweater with waist tie, $9, Ann Taylor, eBay
3) Evil eye ward necklace, $1,  Claire's Boutique
4) Turquoise jacket, $10, Steinmart
5) Jeans, $15, Old Navy
6) Lace up granny cow boy boots, $60, local cowboy shop

I love these boots.  Yes, I paid way too much for them; but for full leather, hand cobbled boots, that price is closer to reasonable.  They're mid calf lace up boots, with room for my soccer player calves (as much a problem in boots as my soccer player thighs are in jeans).  I can use them for nearly any outfit (even formal, if I shine them up nice.  It IS West Texas.)

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