Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some Day My Prints Will Come

1) floral blazer, Petite Sophisticate via thrift store, $8
2) grey short sleeve keyhole sweater, Maurice's, $4
3) turquoise cami, Agaci Too, $2
4) navy wide leg slacks, $7, Ann Taylor Loft via Goodwill
5) Navy/ white polka dot slingbacks, $10, Baker's via eBay
6) Accessories: silver hoop earrings, $5, Claire's; Lapiz/ sodalite necklace, $20, local museum.

Today was one of those days that nothing fit right, nothing looked good, and the outfit I had planned just wasn't happening.  So, I chucked it all aside and pulled on one of my favorite outfits.
One thing some of y'all may have notice is how very little pattern there is in my day to day wardrobe.  Plenty of color, plenty of texture, but not much pattern.  There is a method to my madness there, although most of it is that most prints just don't look right on my petite but muscular frame.  The other reason is that solids just mix and play more easily in the closet.  It's a lot easier to pair a grey sweater (with texture), a navy trouser, and an accessory or 3, than it is to figure out how to wear those zigzag print capris with anything but that one blue shirt and god help me on accessories.  I'm lazy.  I also prefer simpler, more classic clothing; and the latest print du jour usually isn't simple or classic, let alone reminiscent of my fashion icons (more on them later, but I've already paid homage to one.)
I'm working to get more prints in my wardrobe and on my body, but I'm so damn picky (and cheap) that it's a very piecemeal process.  This jacket is an example of a print that belongs in my wardrobe.  Most print blazers aren't.

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