Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cheapass Chick Intro

Welcome to Cheapass Chick!  This is the blog for those who want to look like a million bucks and spend as little as possible doing it.  I'm your cheapass blogger, Jen.
Personally, I see no need to pay way too much money for clothes when you can get the same, if not better, things for much cheaper.  I comb all the cheapass sources and often refuse to pay more than $10 for anything clothing related.  There are always exceptions, but for the most part, that rule holds fast.  This is the place I'll be posting all those scores and hints on how to make your own Cheapass scores.
Wanna see pics of someone making cheapass outfits? You're in the right place.
Wanna know how to start adding cheapass pieces to your wardrobe?  Welcome home.
Wanna know how to start being a cheapass?  Congratulations, you found the starting point.  
Cheapasses unite! 

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