Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Seeing Spots!

No, I'm not scowling at you.  This was the best photo of all the ones I took.
Today's study in cheapassery is red and dots.  From head to toe:
1)(Unshown) flower and feather hair clip, $1, Claire's Boutique.
2) Sterling silver hoop earrings, $7, Claire's Boutique.
2) White fringed scarf, $3, can't remember where I got it.
3) Red v-neck Ann Taylor t-shirt, $1.80, thrifted.
4) Black skirt with white polka dots and white roses embroidered on the hem, $3.49, thrifted.
5) Red slingback peep toes, $15.

Unfortunately, as you'll soon see, it's very difficult to keep shoes under $10.  With those, jeans, and winter coats I grudgingly pay more, if only so I can get decent quality.  Paying more than $20-25 for any of those is still very rare, on my end.

(Yes, those are Chicago Bears hats you see around the mirror.  No, you can't have them.)

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