Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Barefoot Freak

1) Anatomically correct heart necklace, gift from husband
2) Silver hoop earrings, $3, Claire's Boutique
3) Turquoise tank with eyelet neckline, $1.89, Goodwill
4) Blue 3/4 sleeve henley, $7, Old Navy
5) Jeans, $20, Old Navy
6) Vibram Five Fingers KSOs, $35, eBay

Every has that one style shirt that they absolutely love and hope never goes out of style.  Slim cut tee, menswear button up. one shoulder tank, what have you.  Mine is the 3/4 sleeve henley.  I love these things.  My shoulders don't get cold (a recurring issue), I can make them as modest or sexy as I need that day, pack like a dream (not that I travel very often), and they're cotton jersey (one of the best fabrics on the face of the planet for living in the desert.)
I'm also a huge fan of being barefoot or as close to it as possible.  A large chunk of that come from when I was a kid.  Mom and Dad generally didn't have us put shoes on unless we were going somewhere, so I spent a fair majority of my childhood barefoot, inside and out.  Stickers didn't matter (lift foot, yank to remove burr, keep running), and all 3 of us kids got poison ivy at least once.  I'm still barefoot as often as possible because it's more comfortable than shoes.  Enter the barefoot shoe, and I was in seventh heaven.  I'd spent years hunting for either shoes that would coddle my freakishly high arches or had as thin a sole as possible (meaning they were cheap and fell apart at the drop of a hat.)  Finally, a shoe for the barefoot freak!  I bought a pair and fell in love. I now have 3 pair and a pair of the Fila Skeletoes.  I love my freaky feetie shoes.


  1. Just another reminder that I need to visit Old Navy for some good clearance options! Of course, now is not a great time of year for what I want, since clearance items will all be icky floral summer stuff.

    Loving the blog so far, nice to see some simple pieces come together into nice outfits :)

  2. Maybe yes, maybe no. I tend to get my jeans off the winter clearance, but all my tees, tanks, and henleys come off the summer clearance rack.

  3. You look comfortable... in the sexiest way possible! <3 AWESOME