Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cheapass Math

1) Feather earrings, $1, Claire's Boutique
2) Beaded chain necklace, $1.50, Kohl's
3) Blue swirly cardigan, $5, Target via Goodwill
4) White shell, $17, Dillard's
5) Navy and metal bead scarf used as belt, $4, Ann Taylor Loft
6)  Jeans, $8, Lucky Brand via eBay
7) Laser cut silver flats, $8, Walmart
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Yay, special tilty photo because I didn't hold my phone right...
That shell is proof that at one point I wasn't so picky about price point.  It's several years old (and should probably be replaced), and I thought $16 and change for a sleeveless sweater.  I still wear it, because I'm trying to get a fair amount of mileage out of an "expensive" piece.
I have only two rules when it comes to clothing cost:
1) How often would I wear it?
I generally refuse to buy a piece unless I can identify at least 3, preferably 5, outfits I can make with it using my existing closet.  There's no point in buying an article of clothing that needs another article of new clothing to make it work, because then you can ONLY wear it in that one outfit, which is not cost effective.
2)How expensive is it?
I want to get things as cheap as I can for the best quality I can get my grimy little paws on.  I'd much prefer getting something barely used for 5-10% of the original cost than cough up for the brand new item.  I'm also a firm believe in cost per wear, and generally want to get it down to $0.50 or less, which means I need to LOVE it and it better be cheap to start with.  I have exceptions, of course.  I'll pay more for a purse because, quite frankly, I'm usually too lazy to change them out on a daily basis, so it'll get a long run of being worn daily.  My current bag is a Brahmin that I got on sale at Dillard's for $180, and I've gotten it down to probably a $0.50- 0.75 cost per wear because I so rarely change it out it.  I'll pay for something I'll likely only wear once for something important (like a bridesmaid dress), but I'll bitch to myself about how it costs too damn much for what it is.

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