Friday, August 24, 2012

Not So Casual Friday

1) Webbed earrings, $5, Claire's Boutique
2) Ombre scarf repurposed into a vest, $7, GAP,
3) Split satin sleeve tee, $12, Express
4) Black khakis, $3, Ann Taylor via eBay
5) teal "suede" booties, $10, Charlotte Russe

It's amazing what a scarf'll do. Especially a thin, wide one like this one.  It's seen many incarnations, from it's first time out as a belt, to acting as a vest, to being a wrap, to being a bathing suit cover up.  (I'm sure I've actually used it like a scarf too, a few times.)  A scarf like this is my best accessory friend.  I get cold really easily and generally want a closet with at least four times the amount of clothes in my current one. Scarves can take so many shapes, forms, and thicknesses that I can just grab one, throw it around my neck, and run out the door.  BAM! Wrap for if I get cold, belt if my pants start fitting a little too loose, hair tie if I forget one, and, oh yeah, accessory.  I have 5 million of the fuckers, and I still want more.  (What, you thought 5 million was enough?)
It's Friday.  You're thinking "Where's her casual Friday outfits?"  I actually tend to dress too formally for my office most days.  Slacks aren't usually worn by anyone but me, and I'm the only one that wears heels.  Most folks wear jeans, a semi casual top, and sneakers or casual shoes. BUT, until I can get more work friendly jeans (most of mine have worn areas on the knees), I'll probably continue being more formal than the rest of the office. I just don't have enough work appropriate, truly casual clothes.

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