Thursday, August 30, 2012

Body in Texas, Brain in Chcago

1) Antique looking amethyst earrings, $20, local Scottish- Irish Faire
2) Cameo style amethyst pendant, gift from husband, ren faire
3) White tank with gauzy layer over bust, $15, Express
4) White military look button up, $0.50, eBay (part of a lot)
5)  Jeans, $10, Old Navy
6)  white black polka dot  ballet flats, $7, Walmart

Yes, I look tired.  Yes, I'm even more tired than I look.  I rarely have a chance to wear this shirt, because my bust generally looks larger than usual, thanks to the pockets.  In this case, after a day of flying and a week of restaurants, I need the extra room.
Plain colored shirt, jeans, and interesting shoes are something of a trademark of mine.  I rarely want to think about how to mix and match prints, so I pick one item that does an awful lot of talking and let everything else sing back up.  Every once in a while, I'll try more than one item that talks more than most of my closet, and then I'll be less than comfortable all day long.  I'm just not an attentionmonger in that way.

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