Friday, August 17, 2012

Channeling Audrey

1) Red and purple print tunic, $8, Steinmart clearance rack
2) Black cigarette pants, $10, Express via eBay
3) Amethyst and silver bracelet, gift
4) Purple ballet flats, $5, Charlotte Russe clearance rack

Although I haven't seen any of her movies, I love Audrey Hepburn's style. (Yes, I know not seeing Breakfast at Tiffany's is sacrilege.  I'll watch it eventually.)  While my frame does not quite suit some of her outfits, I can easily pull off the cigarette pants and flats.  Being short with lots of leg muscle has its advantages. To quote Will Smith in Men in Black, "I make this look GOOD."

This outfit also breaks one of my cardinal shopping rules: natural fibers only.  It's just too hot/ cold/ windy here for clothes that don't breathe.  In this case, I loved the top enough that I was willing to overlook the fabric and give it a forever home; and I couldn't find cigarette pants worth having that weren't pure polyester or cost prohibitive, so I settled.  I still want a pair of shantung silk cigarette pants.

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