Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When's a Dress not a Dress?

1) Black flower clip (in hair), $1, Claire's boutique
2) Amethyst and silver earrings, gift, local fair
3) Amethyst and silver necklace, gift, local heritage fair
4) Black shell, $17, Dillard's
5) White sundress (worn undershell), $10
6) black with white polka dots flats, $7, Walmart
 7) (Not shown) purple velvet blazer, $5, GAP via eBAY
One of the easiest ways to reuse a dress is to use it as a skirt or jumper.  Since the idea of a jumper still makes me itch, thanks to school uniforms in elementary school, mine tend to have alter egos as skirts.  I love this sundress, but the low cut bodice and spaghetti straps make it less than work friendly, so I repurpose it by layering a thicker fabric shirt over it (because the bodice has ruffles and smocking a thinner shirt would show.)

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